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Dunbar T-Shirt Shop's youngest member is very excited to have designed her own line of products, everything hand drawn, items chosen and tested by her, and she'll be donating the profits to Deaf Action to support this amazing Deaf led charity and help them continue the great work they do for Deaf people and their families.

90% of Deaf children are born to hearing families, and this was our experience with our darling Madison. Families of Deaf children aren't offered any support in terms of communication so after her diagnosis, we reached out to Deaf Action and they were instrumental at helping us access BSL lessons as a family with a native BSL user, and gave us the foundations, and confidence, to build upon. 

Their dedication doesn't end there, to see all of the amazing support they offer head to their webite Deaf Action

If you'd like to donate directly you can here. Donate online | Deaf Action

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