Dunbar T-Shirt, Dunbar T-Shirt Printing

Dunbar is based in East Lothian, on the east coast of Scotland and is best known for being the birth place of John Muir, the naturalist who was pivotal in the creation of National Parks in USA. Dunbar is surrounded by glorious beaches and features a working harbour with a fishing industry that dates back over 350 years.

A Dunbear statue created by Kelpies designer, a spectacular Art trail, some braw golf courses, a woodland home to deer, dolphins splashing just off shore, surfing mecca, adventure sports and amazing adventure trails. There is a lot to love about Dunbar beyond it's huge wealth of history.

Dunbar t-shirt shop is based on the high street, one of only a few that are fully listed high street. Based in a listed building our modest shop is a great place to come and meet the team. We print all our items in store and do not outsource any of our printing, this enables us to have complete control over quality.

Our original Dunbar T-Shirt was the sunny dunny, a t-shirt featuring a sun logo with the words Dunny. As Dunbar has most sunlight hours of any Scottish town its nickname Sunny Dunny is very apt, it also provides somewhat of a curiosity to visitors particularly those from Australia who may have a different understanding of Dunny.

Our next lot of Dunbar designs featured the best parts of the town, the Harbour and the castle which is the entrance to the Harbour and now home to a number of roosting seabirds, it barely resmbles the glorious fortress it once was.

Since then we have a wide variety of different Dunbar t-shirts and we can also print your own Dunbar design, just contact us today. We love Dunbar and we are proud to call it our home.